Party trend prediction round-up

Are you still looking for the next big thing in parties? When you’re a serious party lover, something different becomes a way of life! Sometimes, it’s really difficult to find a concept or party theme that’s totally unique or hasn’t been ‘overdone’. A good way to pick up some fresh ideas is to have a quick look at party trend lists (old and new), and something should definitely stand out!

Here’s a round up of some of well researched pieces I found. I’m not sure if these blogs update their trend lists annually, but it’s worth checking just in case!

This is article from One Stylish Party is from early 2017 but it’s really well written. Party lovers will almost certainly agree that the list is on point. I also love how it mentions the origins of certain party trends. 

On some previous year trend lists, you’ll notice that some items didn’t quite ‘make it’. This is not a limitation of the author. It simply just means everyone else hasn’t caught up with the trend yet. Just take it and run with it! For example, in the article above, the author talks about textured linens, which is definitely not as commonplace as the other trends discussed. Meanwhile, here is another trend prediction article from 2016, and see how they panned out. It’s an interview with kids party experts Fly by Fun, and focuses on character trends.

Queen, maker of baking goods here in Australia put together a pretty good list of cake trends, which I used as inspiration for a piece in this publication. There are some interesting picks in the list that aren’t naked or drip (loving the black buttercream!), which are still two of the hottest cake trends right now. 

Three tier naked cake with pink roses
The naked cake has been going strong since at least 2013!

Don’t forget, weddings are generally the trend-setting stars of the event industry. If you are looking for something that will offer a ‘wow’ factor, don’t be afraid to bring new wedding trends into your party styling and theme. Wedding trends are also easier to track. Here’s a local source on weddings with 2017/2018 trends, and another one from the US.

Below, balloons embellished with greenery by Party Splendour. The greenery trend has been a winner at weddings for a while now. 

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