Handmade inspo for Party Lovers!

Good evening all! Welcome to this humble little blog. Want to know what its all about? I love handmade. And I love parties. So I thought, why not create a community around people who love hosting totally unique parties!

Original designs, unique illustrations, beautiful lettering, custom-made and personalised products, authentic and new product ideas, handmade with love by hobbyists and small business makers. That’s what we’re about. These are the things that create truly stand out events and parties.

Want to see more? Have a look at our Pinterest and immerse yourself in the world of non-mass produced products for parties!

In addition, I will be sharing interesting tips, tricks and guides, for all Party Lovers – that’s you, the host and planner of beautifully curated events. Check in again soon!

P.S Make sure you join the Party Lovers community on Facebook. Not only are we aiming to build a freebie swapping community (we love recycling!), we’re also gathering some exclusive content and deals just for lovers of handmade party products!



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