10 beautiful Christmas decor products for your festive soirees

Yay! There’s one week left! And just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean we should only stick with the stock standard trees, baubles and wreaths. These items below will really inspire you to make your Christmas party pop!

1. This Little Party

Love, love love these gorgeous Christmas balloons, whether for a gift or a decoration, I guarantee you won’t be able to stop drooling! Available via Etsy.

2. Party Feels

These illustrated gable boxes can double favours and gift wrapping. And, the designs are just too cute!

3. Pop Scotch

You can get seriously creative with these beautiful gold tags from Pop Scotch. Use them as wine glass ornaments, tree decorations or gift tags!

4. Owl Made

Leave a little surprise for each guest to take home with these sweet favours by Owl Made.

5. Marikart Studio

This luxe yet minimal cake topper will finish off your dessert table beautifully. Get in touch via Instagram.

6. Enfete Party

I love traditional Christmas patterns and these checks are something that you don’t see very often. Enfete Party  have a great range to inspire you.

7. Bright eyed

These gift tags are such a clever idea! Whilst we’ve missed the boat this year for these lovelies, there’s always next Christmas – it’s never early to get in touch and prepare!

8. K.Rae Designs

OK so not exactly decor, but when I see gorgeous minimal design work I just can’t help myself. And really, Christmas is all about well wishes. These greeting cards from K.Rae Designs are just perfect.

9. Little Glitter Co.

A simple grown up banner design for a sparkly yet elegant Christmas do.

10. Inspired by Eva

Imagine how much fun you could have with these cute badges! Now, have you been nice or not?

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Around the world in a day

From the moment I stumbled upon it, I really loved this cute party! It’s the perfect theme for an 8 year old and lots of fun too. Everything from the decor, to the food and favours matched perfectly (really makes me all fuzzy inside when I see perfectly matched parties)! The party was curated by Ruth of Daisy Rocket in New Zealand, and with its gorgeous atlas maps as the focal point, had a wonderfully vintage old world adventure vibe!

The custom invites really set the scene.

Even the decor and tableware received the map treatment! Beautuful.

How perfect is this paper plane game? So retro yet providing timeless fun!

The dessert table was a real show stopper. The yummy treats from all over the world really polished off the feel.

The party favors were packed in gable boxes and were choc-full of on-theme goodies, including lollies, iceberg cookies, a compass and more!

You can find more of Ruth and her Daisy Rocket gorgeous party styling business on Instagram or online.

Styling a DIY licenced party your way

Everyone loves a party. Many of us love planning a party too. Designing, styling, and co-ordinating the perfect ‘do’ can give hours of fun.  But if you’re anything like me, you want everything to match perfectly – and the tiniest deviation just won’t work!

For all their popularity, I find licenced character parties the most difficult to style perfectly as items can come from different sources, in a range of colours. This can sometimes give a less coordinated look.

There are other considerations too, such as buying a bunch of lisenced items would likely work out to be dearer than a few plain coloured items.

Below, an elegant Trolls party using muted versions of the colour scheme, and the only identifying factor being the Poppy topper peeking out from the cake. 

A breakdown of elements

Here are some tips you can use when putting together a unique, and handmade lisenced party. Whether you’re doing your own design or working with a party designing professional (just be careful not to infringe copyright if you are doing paid work), combining a couple of these elements work really well to convey the character or theme you are trying to channel.

Colour Palette

I believe this is the first place to start. The colours definitely help build a strong association with a theme, even if there are few other identifying elements. For example, when I see red and purple together, I immediately think of the Little Mermaid. I never noticed that her hair was 100% pure red until I put the two colours together. If you’re not convinced, test it yourself by doing this cool Disney colour scheme guessing game!

However, don’t be afraid to experiment, such as going monochrome or using pastel tones of the same shades –as long as you have some other identifying elements.

Subtle monochrome bats and masks really set the scene in this image below!


This is another way to generate a feel for a theme. For example, star patterns always work well for most superheroes, perhaps even Star Wars. Polka dots are classic Minnie and Mickey – but why not mix it up by replacing the ears with another simple element? Stripes of course are perfect for Dr. Seuss. If you’re not techy or design savvy, you can easily create a pattern by cutting out stars or other shapes (or even washi tape or stickers in simple shapes), and sticking them to a plain background. This could work well on favour bags, or even a backdrop.

I used a combo of fonts, shapes and patterns to achieve the Paw Patrol theme on this invite.


This one is just an extension of the pattern concept, but it works really well when a particular element is strongly associated with a character. For example, you can draw a flower for Trolls, or cut three black circles for mouse ears and head, stars and speech bubbles for superheroes. Some other ideas include a shield for Paw Patrol. Try incorporating a couple of shapes to create a motif across all of your handmade party decor. For example a triangle (wizard hat) and thunderbolt would be perfect for a Harry Potter inspired party.


You can incorporate an associated font if you can find it online (just make sure you purchase the correct one and it is approved for your use, if you are working with a party professional they will be able to help out). For subtlety, combine a font that is strongly associated with a character with an unrelated complimentary font, and use it on your stationery.

Some Paw Patrol inspired favour stickers I created. I did not let myself be restricted by the branded colours, although I did use the sheild shape. 

If you want to use the real deal lisenced products in your party set up, try to think outside the box with products. For example, you can buy official stickers to decorate paper cups, buy character fabrics for tablecloths, or make party hats out of lisneced wrapping paper adhered to card! If you want to keep it subtle, just focus on one or two official products.

All of these tips should also work with other lisenced or trademarked brands, including clothing or sports teams.

Don’t forget to experiment, you might end up with something amazing!

Have you styled a licenced character or branded party with a unique twist? Would love it see it! Get in touch. 

10 beautiful handmade products for a unique unicorn party

With almost 100,000 posts tagged #unicornparty on Instagram, I don’t think the trend will be going anywhere soon. Whilst we all love the beautiful sleepy eye unicorn theme that has been ever so popular, sometimes it’s nice to step outside the box and use another direction. Here are 10 beautiful handmade unicorn party products for a one of a kind celebration!

Yes, we know it’s been done, and done. But being a blog that focuses on handmade items mainly, I wanted to put together a unique twist with these one of a kind offerings. 

You will find either a store link or Instagram link for each of these items, should you wish to buy or learn more!

1. Favour Tags by Enfete Party

I love seeing themed patterns used for party design. And seriously, how cool are these 80’s inspired unicorn favour tags?  If you’re looking for a unicorn party with a modern funky vibe, these are perfect. There is also another design here.

2. Badges by InspiredbyEva Store

Some more 80’s throwback, this pastel pattern badge makes a refreshing change from the standard rainbow accompaniment. There are more badges on the Etsy store

3. Cake Topper by Confetti Bash Studio

How funky is this cake topper? Loving the glitter this card too, it almost looks like sequins!

4. Invitation & Envelope by Party Feels

This invite set is an experience in itself! Funky little invite with matching liner and sticker.

5. Bunting by Kardan Creations

A little texture makes this bunting really interesting. Plus, who wouldn’t want a unicorn and sprinkles party?

6. Favours by The Perfect Favour

Who wouldn’t love a pretty favour that was also super useful? These unicorn adorned lip balms are a great idea.

7. Blimpco

I love this bright and beautifully drawn beauty! And as if this invite wasn’t enough, Blimpco also have a gorgeous unicorn range here.

8. T shirt by Pretty Little Invites

Who said that party dress ups and unicorns are just for kids? Do as this t-shirt says and be a unicorn with a beautifully themed tee for your shower or birthday party! Plus, it has a wonderful vintage vibe. They also have dedicated apparel store.

9. Wire cake topper by Entwined Wire Designs

These wire toppers are truly original items. This one would be perfect for a union of two unicorn lovers, or a twin birthday!

View this post on Instagram

Another gorgeous Unicorn topper completed but in beautiful purple wire this time… Love creating unique pieces.. based off my horse love topper these designs are completely hand drawn and created by me. #copyrighttoentwinedwiredesigns @iloveaustralianhandmade #uniquedesigns #htla #fabulousfbpages #copyrighttoentwinedwiredesigns #handmadewithlove #oneofakinddesigns#unicorn #unicorncake #unicorncaketopper #wireunicorn #wireunicorncaketopper #customcreation #customdesign #entwinedwiredesigns #entwinedwiredesignscaketopper #caketoppers #wirecaketopper #weddingcakes #weddingcaketopper #unicornweddingcaketopper #uniquewirecaketopper #caketoppersofinstagram #bridalfashion #bridestyle #weddingstandout #nswwedding #smallbusiness #hillsdistrictmums #madeinaustralia #iloveaustralianhandmade

A post shared by Sarah Blake (@entwinedwiredesigns) on

10. Favour bags by Sixpence Collection 

I love the rainbow colours on this unicorn head.  Plus look at the size of that bag. Imagine how many lollies can I score from the lolly bar with this beauty!

Did you enjoy dreaming about your next unicorn themed party?

Here’s something to get you started! A FREE UNICORN SILHOUETTE head clip art file that can also be used on a cutting machine! It’s A3 sized, but can be resized and also cut manually. Don’t forgot to post a pic to Instagram and use #handmadepartystyle when you’re done so we can all see it!

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Party trend prediction round-up

Are you still looking for the next big thing in parties? When you’re a serious party lover, something different becomes a way of life! Sometimes, it’s really difficult to find a concept or party theme that’s totally unique or hasn’t been ‘overdone’. A good way to pick up some fresh ideas is to have a quick look at party trend lists (old and new), and something should definitely stand out!

Here’s a round up of some of well researched pieces I found. I’m not sure if these blogs update their trend lists annually, but it’s worth checking just in case!

This is article from One Stylish Party is from early 2017 but it’s really well written. Party lovers will almost certainly agree that the list is on point. I also love how it mentions the origins of certain party trends. 

On some previous year trend lists, you’ll notice that some items didn’t quite ‘make it’. This is not a limitation of the author. It simply just means everyone else hasn’t caught up with the trend yet. Just take it and run with it! For example, in the article above, the author talks about textured linens, which is definitely not as commonplace as the other trends discussed. Meanwhile, here is another trend prediction article from 2016, and see how they panned out. It’s an interview with kids party experts Fly by Fun, and focuses on character trends.

Queen, maker of baking goods here in Australia put together a pretty good list of cake trends, which I used as inspiration for a piece in this publication. There are some interesting picks in the list that aren’t naked or drip (loving the black buttercream!), which are still two of the hottest cake trends right now. 

Three tier naked cake with pink roses
The naked cake has been going strong since at least 2013!

Don’t forget, weddings are generally the trend-setting stars of the event industry. If you are looking for something that will offer a ‘wow’ factor, don’t be afraid to bring new wedding trends into your party styling and theme. Wedding trends are also easier to track. Here’s a local source on weddings with 2017/2018 trends, and another one from the US.

Below, balloons embellished with greenery by Party Splendour. The greenery trend has been a winner at weddings for a while now. 

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Handmade inspo for Party Lovers!

Good evening all! Welcome to this humble little blog. Want to know what its all about? I love handmade. And I love parties. So I thought, why not create a community around people who love hosting totally unique parties!

Original designs, unique illustrations, beautiful lettering, custom-made and personalised products, authentic and new product ideas, handmade with love by hobbyists and small business makers. That’s what we’re about. These are the things that create truly stand out events and parties.

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